John Deere Cab

$30,000 + $5000 Core

Certified Part

Condition Part # Stock #
Used JD-B26-8030-601 222088
AR287367 IVT
AR287370 PST

AR209887 Frame Only

AR287376 IVT Export $20,516 list
AR287379 PST Export $20,008 list

Support Beam RE228174 sub RE275485 List $741
Support RE275470 sub for RE242367, RE250371 List $1.651

8430; 8130; 8230; 8330; 8530

RE264912 Active Seat, W/ LH Articulated Armrest INCLUDES RE176216, RE265582 AND (2) R305648; SUB FOR APPL RE163451
RE264913 Active Seat, W/ LH Flip Up Armrest INCLUDES RE176215, RE265582 AND (2) R305648 ; SUB FOR APPL RE163452

Steer Motor
RE572527 SUB FOR RE332994 OR RE290045; 1300 MFWD
RE572523 SUB FOR RE332995 OR RE290776; ILS™ / 50K / 1500 MFWD
RE572521 SUB FOR RE333003 OR RE257891; ILS™ / 40K

Chassis Harness, IVT
RE250954 -014079
RE265561 014080-

Total list value as we have kept this is $45,264

This cab has a $5,000 core for a wrecked cab. If you are replacing a cab fire there is no core credit availiable.

Bill of Materials (BOM):

Fits John Deere tractor(s)
8130, 8230, 8430, 8530

90 Day Parts Warranty
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