John Deere Mfd Front Axle

$13,000 + $3500.00 Core

Certified Part
Condition Part # Stock #
Used R296195.A 222193
New notes
✅ Complete front axle.
👀 Opened, Inspected Diff, R&P and Reassembled.

1300 Series axle w/o final drives with AutoTrac.

⚙️ Late LH 1300 Series MFWD Axle w/o Final Drives and w/ the wheel angle sensor.
⚙️ Fits all 8000, 8010, 8020, 8030 and 8R tractors.

Axle Less Final Drives Includes:
⚙️ R296195 LH Axle
⚙️ R344654 RH Axle
⚙️ R133867.A HD Differential
⚙️ RE336171 Ring & Pinion 11/41T
⚙️ R127420 Cover
⚙️ R165577 Spur Gear
⚙️ R165578 Spur Gear
See R135959.A for a lower price option w/o the wheel angle sensor.

Pricing Options
⚙️ Good Used $9,500 exchange
Drain the oil and check the magnetic plug for metal shavings.
Check the oil for clutch fibers or contamination.
Wash and visually inspect the 4 king pins wear points.

⚙️ Certified $11,500 exchange
All of the above plus.
Remove the front cover to visually inspect the spur gears, differential exterior and ring and pinion teeth,
Re-install the front cover with sealant to OEM specs.

⚙️ Certified Plus $13,500 exchange
All of the above plus.
Remove differential, open, clean, inspect, replace any part that is out of OEM specs and re-install to OEM specs.


Bill of Materials (BOM):

Fits John Deere tractor(s)
8235R, 8270R, 8285R, 8R
$13,000 + $3500.00 Core
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