CASE/CASE I.H. Power Shift Trans & Parts

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Used 87546435 219989
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Certified $28,950 + $7,750 core
Good Used $23,150 + $7,750 core


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Bill of Materials (BOM):

Fits CASE/CASE I.H. tractor(s)
STEIGER 330, STEIGER 435, STEIGER 535, Steiger280, Steiger330, Steiger335, Steiger380, Steiger380, Steiger385, Steiger385, Steiger430, Steiger435, Steiger435, Steiger480, Steiger480, Steiger485, Steiger485, Steiger530, Steiger535, STX280(Z6F100023-Z6F105001), STX330(Z6F100023-105001), STX380, STX380, STX430, STX430, STX480, STX480(allwheeltractorswith450axle), STX530(allquadtracorwheeltractorswith500axle), T9030, T9040, T9050, T9060, TJ380, TJ430, TJ480, TJ530

Substitution Numbers

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