John Deere 4wd Axle/hub & Parts

Condition Part # Stock #
Used R98313.AR110 215933
New notes
⚙️Complete rear final drive assembly.
⚙️110mm Axle. Marked R83652.
⚙️Checked teeth and splines for wear.
⚙️Checked housing for cracks.
⚙️Good used final drive assembly.


Bill of Materials (BOM):
R560122, RE578425, JD9069, R83652, R98313, R83651, R83647, R120961, R112837, R120962

Fits John Deere tractor(s)
8870, 8960

Marked Numbers:
R98313, R83652, R83651, R120961, R120962, R112837
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