CASE/CASE I.H. Rear Nb Radial

Condition Part # Stock #
Used 20.8X42 219369
New notes
These can be used as step up rims for Deere 34” castings too.
Manufacturer: BKT Tire
Manufacturers Part Number: 94021819
Replaces 20.8R42
Load/Speed Index: 157 A8 / B
Rim: DW16L (DW18L)
Section Width: 20.3 Inches*
Overall Diameter: 77 Inches
Static Loaded Radius: 34 Inches
Rolling Circumference: 225 Inches
Speed Radius Index: 36 Inches
NSD: 72 (32nds)
Tire Weight: 435 lbs

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Bill of Materials (BOM):

Fits CASE/CASE I.H. tractor(s)
4955, 7230, 7240, 8410, 8770, 9250, 9350, 9370
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